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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Subject: “Hey”
(Breakup e-mail number one)

Chapter 2: Subject: “Open position?”
(Job tip from six months ago never acted upon)

Chapter 3: Subject: “In case I get hit by a bus…”
(Notes to loved ones in the event of accidental death)

Chapter 4: Subject: “So…”
(Breakup e-mail number two)

Chapter 5: Subject: “OMG”
(Abandoned screed against Friend 1, to Friend 2)

Chapter 6: Subject: “I’m sorry”
(Suicide note)

Chapter 7: Subject: “GIF List”

Chapter 8: Subject: “FOR FUCKING REAL?!”
(Abandoned screed against Friend 2, to Friend 1)

Chapter 9: Subject: “I miss you”
(Getting-back-together e-mail number one)

Chapter 10: Subject: “(None)”
(123 words of a short story that will never be completed)